The Best Books on: The Riemann Hypothesis

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Around 2010, as an undergraduate in mathematics I fell absolutely in love with the Riemann hypothesis (RH), as one does. I spent Friday nights researching, reading and trying to understand this most famous of all math problems. In the process, I accrued a bundle of books on the topic. Some were better than others. The following are the ones I would recommend to another 21-year-old interested in understanding the Riemann zeta function, its properties and the implications of Riemann’s hypothesis for the distribution of prime numbers.

1. Prime Obsession (2003)

by John Derbyshire

If you want to understand what the Riemann hypothesis is what its implications are for the distribution of primes numbers, this is the first book you should buy. The book is well-written and contains a sufficient level of technical detail to build a foundation of understanding that you can later expand on with other books and materials. For my money, this is the only narrative-type book you need to buy on the RH.

Type: Narrative | Level: Novice | Price: $17.99

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