Oct 22, 2021 • 22M

Episode 6: The Einstein-Szilárd Letter

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Jørgen Veisdal
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Three frames of Albert Einstein and Leo Szilárd from the documentary film “Atomic Power” (1946) for TIME’s The March of Time series

This episode of The Privatdozent Podcast is based on the June 7th 2021 newsletter 'The Einstein-Szilárd Letter'. Read by Steve King, the episode is about the period from the discovery of the nuclear fission in January of 1939 to the writing of the so-called Einstein-Szilárd letter for Frankling D. Roosevelt in July.


Chapters: Welcome (00:00), Leo Szilárd’s Role (01:11), Einstein’s Role (12:26), The Letter (12:40), The Einstein-Szilárd Letter (17:59)

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