Mar 3 • 36M

Episode 7: The Martians of Budapest

Jørgen Veisdal
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Photos of nine Martians of Budapest: von Neumann, Erdos, Wigner, Teller, Szilard, Karman, Halmos, Polya and Kemeny
John von Neumann, Paul Erdős, Eugene Wigner and Edward Teller, Leó Szilárd, Theodore von Kármán, Paul Halmos, George Polya and John G. Kemeny

This episode of The Privatdozent Podcast is based on the October 2nd 2021 newsletter 'The Martians of Budapest'. Read by Steve King, the episode is about nine Hungarian men who all made significant contributions to mathematics, physics and economics in the 20th century.


This episode is for paid subscribers