Aug 16, 2021 • 56M

Episode 2: Kurt Gödel's Brilliant Madness

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Jørgen Veisdal
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The second episode of The Privatdozent Podcast is based on the June 21st 2021 newsletter ‘Kurt Gödel’s Brilliant Madness’. Read by Steve King, the episode is about Kurt Gödel, the human being.


Chapters: Welcome (00:00), Introduction (03:18), First Visit to America (11:11), First Mental Breakdown (13:43), Second Visit to America (19:15), Second Mental Breakdown (22:50), Third Visit to America (28:57), War (31:11), Emigration to America (32:01), Life in Princeton (38:01), Relationship with Albert Einstein (46:37), Third Mental Breakdown (50:12), Death (52:19).

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