Aug 4, 2021 • 50M

Episode 1: The Unparalleled Genius of John von Neumann

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Jørgen Veisdal
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This inaugural episode of The Privatdozent Podcast is based on the May 19th 2021 newsletter ‘The Unparalleled Genius of John von Neumann‘. Read by Steve King, the episode aims to highlight some of the unbelievable feats of “Johnny” von Neumann’s mind.


Chapters: Welcome (00:00), Introduction (00:31), Early Life (03:19), In University (09:27), In Göttingen (12:37), Set Theory (14:07), Game Theory (21.27), Quantum Mechanics (22:36), Operator Theory (29:25), At Princeton University (29:25), Ergodic Theory (30.31), At the Institute for Advanced Study (32:30), Geometry (34:45), The Manhattan Project (35:37), Work on Philosophy (37:24), Work on Computing (38:57), Consultancies (41:56), Personality (42:50), Later Years (47:04), Interview on Television (47:49).

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